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Mixedwood Plains

Introduction to the Mixedwood Plains

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We'd line to welcome you to " The Mixedwood Plains" online!

Welcome to the Mixedwood Plains

This website is just a brief overview

Welcome to the website which accompanies the December/ January 2007/2007 issue of the Mixedwood Plains. On this website you will find some of our featured articles. Though not as detailed as the magazine itself, this website offers you a wonderful and easy opportunity to contact us and provide us with feed back etc. We will keep adding , but in the mean time enjoy the information and drop us a line!


Its more than just an ecozone!
Its a way of life, and an exciting place to visit! The Mixedwood plains has so much to offer, and our magazine only gives you a taste of it. Our magazine THE MIXEDWOOD PLAINS is avaliable everywhere for only $3.95... check it out!


Feedback, submissions, ideas? Drop us an email at :